Soler & Palau Direct Drive Centrifugal Sidewall Exhaust Fan-CWD

Soler & Palau Direct Drive
Centrifugal Sidewall Exhaust

Product #: CWD-SP


Soler & Palau Centrifugal Wall Mounted Exhauster Direct Drive Fans (CWD) are designed to exhaust air up to 3,360 CFM, with high static pressure capability up to 1". The spun aluminum exterior provides a pleasing appearance, weatherproof construction, and resistance to corrosion. The low silhouette design is less noticeable on the building exterior, and the removable dome provides easy access to the fan interior for service and cleaning. The non-overloading backward inclined centrifugal wheel with its high static pressure capability makes it suitable for either ducted or non-ducted applications. It should be used where a sidewall mounted location is preferred to roof mounting. Direct drive units use smaller diameter wheels with lower RPM's, resulting in low sound levels and quieter operation. They have no belts or fan bearings to maintain or adjust and consequently require very little maintenance.PLease Contact Us for a Specific Quote.